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Please note that the Histology Research Core will be closed the following dates:

•Dec. 23rd, 2023  – Jan. 7th, 2024

Happy Holidays!

Welcome to the Histology Research Core where we serve the histology needs of the UNC community and beyond.
We have experience with various organisms including, but not limited to mouse, rat, pig, cat, dog, fish, human and primate. Additionally, we have provided histology services for plants and invertebrates such as coral, caterpillars and even stinkbugs!
We take pride in providing top quality paraffin and frozen sectioning, special staining, and both fluorescent and chromogenic single- and multi-label immunohistochemistry. Furthermore, we recently added in situ hybridization using RNAscope and BaseScope technology to our list of services. Our lab houses an extensive slide catalogue for our customer’s use as positive and negative controls, provides access to HIER for antigen retrieval in conjunction with our IHC/IF services, and offers the CryoJane Tape Transfer system to improve morphology during frozen sectioning.
We offer all services at competitive rates with a quick turn-around time of typically within 2 weeks of sample submission. We are here to talk with you at any stage in the research process about your specific research aims and the best way to achieve the results you need.
Please explore our new website where you can find detailed information about all of our services, submission instructions, answers to frequently asked questions and more.
We are located in rooms 212, 213, 214, and 216 in Taylor Hall at 109 Mason Farm Rd Chapel Hill, NC 27514. We can be reached by phone at (919) 966-1202 or e-mail at Please contact us to discuss your specific research needs!


Meet the Team

Research Specialist

Curtis Connor


Ashley Ezzell

Research Specialist

Carl Parson II