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Although traditional ISH has existed for many years, it is our goal to offer the latest, cutting-edge technology and methodology. ACDBio’s RNAScope represents a major advancement in RNA ISH by offering superior robustness and sensitivity. This technology allows for the visualization of single-molecule gene expression directly in intact tissues with single cell resolution. It also greatly enhances target detection, reduces background, and is more resistant to sample degradation. RNAscope ISH is now a proven technology that has been featured in over 850 publications across a multitude of research areas. 

The RNAScope assay allows for the detection of one or multiple genes simultaneously and is available for both chromogenic and fluorescent applications. It can be used on paraffin, frozen, fixed and unfixed tissues. It can also be combined with immunohistochemistry.



The RNAScope assay is engineered to be used with ACDBio’s proprietary probe design. Their catalog includes over 13,000 probes from over 140 species and over 100 viruses. Probes can also be custom made upon request. Customers are responsible for purchasing their probe(s) of interest from ACDBio and the Histology Research Core provides all other materials and reagents. Please consult with the core prior to purchasing your probes of interest.

Check out ACDBio’s new HiPlex Assay which expands visualization to 8 or 12 probes in the same sample!

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How RNAscope Works

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