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The Histology Research Core performs both chromogenic and fluorescent immunohistochemical (IHC) staining. We have experience with paraffin and frozen samples, as well as single and multiple antigen labeling. IHC can also be combined with in situ hybridization.

We recommend consulting with us prior to antibody selection and assay design. We have experience with hundreds of different antibodies and can make recommendations based on that.

If you prefer to select antibodies independently, we recommend using a search engine such as This software is free to academic users and unaffiliated with UNC. We find this site to be a very useful resource for combing the literature to see which antibodies have resulted in publication-quality research.

Consulting with us during the initial planning stage can also help to ensure you have included the appropriate positive and negative controls in your assay design. We have a large slide inventory to pull from for positive and negative control tissue.